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6G Telecom Embedded Developer (Relocation to Sweden)

Greetings! My name is Maria, I am an International IT recruiter and since 2015 I have been relocating the most talented engineers to Sweden. The projects of Volvo, Bosch, Sony, H&M and other world names. We at techscout.tech are an official partner of the Swedish company that leads the market during 20+ years within the relocation. A lot of IT stars have found their happy life in Sweden. The relocation is covered for you and your family!

Currently we are looking for an Embedded C/C++ expert twith experience in physical layer and algorithms development within the telecommunications industry. You will work in a small team which puts a lot of focus to work as a team across borders. There is a high focus on Layer 1 and it is expected that you have a broad knowledge and understanding within the required competencies. You will need extensive experience in cellular/wireless technology, preferably LTE, as well as extensive experience of development of lower-level physical layer protocols (Layer 1), algorithms and/or procedures (design, implementation, optimization, verification).


- M.Sc. in Electrical Eng, Computer science or similar;

- 5+ years relevant work experience;

- Signal processing theory;

- Fluency in English;

- Good knowledge of radio waves;

- Other typical “buzz words”: OFDM, channel coding, demodulation, MIMO, telecommunications;

- Extensive experience in Embedded real-time programming;

- Simulation experience;

- Strong C/C++-programming experience, preferably also MATLAB experience;

- Good understanding of the development of lower-level physical layer protocols, algorithms and/or procedures (design, implementation, optimization, verification);

- Experience in Linux, RTOs, and connectivity solutions are highly valued.

What’s in it for you?

For this position we offer a salary of 40000-50000 SEK gross per month, based on the level of prior experience. About 30% goes in taxes whereof up to 18,5% is automatically credited your personal pension plan.

In addition to the salary:

- Occupational pension plan corresponding to 4.5% of the gross salary (added on top)

- Five weeks paid vacation per year

- Income insurance

- Work liability insurance

- iPad or laptop at a maximum cost of 7000 SEK

- Governmental pension plan

- Mobile phone with data plan subscription

- Language course support

- Sports contribution

- Relocation package

We will:

- Handle the work permit application process from “A” to “Z”, for you and your family;

- Arrange your tickets to Sweden, for both you and your family;

- Help you in finding an apartment; you will have a place to stay when you arrive to Sweden;

- Provide expat service once landed in Sweden.

You’re welcome to ask me additional questions. Please, send your CV to [email protected] and salary expectations if you are interested! Thank you in advance!